Here Comes the Summer Vol. 4

by The Molochs



released June 29, 2013



all rights reserved


The Molochs California


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Track Name: Chain Smoke
the sunrise calls but you keep me up,
want me for yourself
you like the way i fill your cup,
the way i break your shell

every time i turn around,
there's yelling in my ear,
just for once--don't make a sound,
don't remind me you're here

you're wanting this and you're wanting that,
you wanna eat my soul,
you wanna take all that i have,
and leave me in a hole

and you wonder why i chain smoke

there was a man out on the street
with the tears flowing out of his eyes
his house burned down, his dreams they drowned,
his wife and kid they cried

he drew a gun and fought for lies,
he was gone for seven years,
he came back proud but when he begged from me,
he shook with shame and fear

i listened to his broken voice,
sadness under the sun,
i handed him what i could afford,
and he hugged me like his son

and you wonder why i chain smoke